Heartbroken.. Has anyone ran after Acetabular fracture or know about recovery?

I'm really hoping that someone will be able to give me a glimmer of hope..
I recently had an accident (testing that a rope swing was strong enough to hold my son - it wasn't strong enough for me :s ) I fractured 3 vertebrae, my pelvis and had a rather nasty break to my acetabulum. The consultant instantly stated that the injury to the acetabulum will rule out any competitive running again - which i felt was a hasty conclusion to come to.. It did leave me absolutely heart broken though.
Does anyone have any experience or advice on this?


  • Your post caught my eye as my answer is yes.
    5 years ago had accident on road bike. Just straight down no warning and smashed hip bone into pelvis fracturing it. Bolted back together and told not to do any impact sport.
    Having moved house right next to some hills last year I decided to try it out.
    Lapsed over last winter, but started again in August this year and upto 30km runs now, with plenty of up and down.
    I notice you mention competitively. Far from it for me, but I`ve just turned 50 and look forward to some proper mountain runs next year.

    When I decided to run, I was not doing any exercise. I was getting chronic pain in my hip. I thought it will either destroy it (and then I`ll have to get a new one), or maybe do it some good.
    It was the latter. I believe the build up of muscle around the joint has helped.
    Main achy pain has gone. Still get the odd twinge, and I am not yet confident enough to just let myself go on a steep descent, but it has helped.

    Hopefully you have already started running again, but if not give it a go.
    It worked for me.

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