Recovery from calf tear

Got cramp in left calf last week and after easing it out with a few stretches and then trying to limp home [I was <400m from home] seems I have torn a calf muscle. No idea how bad - damn covid means I can't see physio for a positive diagnosis of course.

I've just read another old post on this thread and some google articles [dangerous] that it could take up to 12 weeks to get over this "at my age" - I'm 56.

Seriously? Since I turned 50, it's just been one thing after another. Never anything serious - knee tendinopathy; hip imbalance; ITB issues; then knees again. Now this! I'm doing everything that's been thrown at me as suggestions to get going without hurting myself again, but just seems like I can get going into some sort of routine and then the next things crops up.

Am I really looking at another 12 weeks out and building up from scratch yet again. I'm so sick of it. I have another thread re depression caused by repeated injuries, so won't dwell on that here. Just need some reassurance that there is still hope for me to recover from this one. I have never had this injury before, so really don't know what happens next. I've been in touch with the physio for advice but heard nothing back from her yet.


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    ftm42 -sorry to hear about the injury problems.  I've had a number of calf tears in recent years.  Initially, you just to have rest and ice, until the tightness/pain goes away, maybe 3/4 days.  Then some strengthening work, so calf raises, 3/4 sets of 20/30 reps two or three times a day.  Once the injured calf feels OK, try some gentle running and build up the distance.  I've come back from minor calf tears in 3 days although I had a pretty bad tear a couple of years ago that took 8 weeks to recover from.  I now do the calf raises twice every day and haven't had a re-occurrence.  Good luck!
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    thanks SBD

    Injury happened 12 days ago now. Tried a few calf raises with my usual stretching/pilates routine this evening. Bit of a twinge in the calf when I went to put a bottle outside the door though, so might reduce the number of reps, or just not do them at all.
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    Hi ftm42, sorry to hear that, but very surprised your physio is not open, nearly all the ones 'up here' are. I saw mine on the 12 May. Any chance of seeing someone else?
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    I think she's probably just 'away. Sometimes she's a bit slow responding but her website says she's not fully open yet. I'm not panicking yet as she knows my history and is a fellow runner so I'm happy to wait a couple of days (well, I'm not really as I'm itching to get back to running as you know!)
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    Did 3.6K on elliptical last night, before calf started to feel a bit sore. Walked to work and back yesterday too.

    Did a bit of light jogging up and down outside my gate this morning whilst taking part in a traffic survey - too boring sitting still. Took the dog for a walk at lunchtime, to meet up with colleagues for a socially distanced walk in local park. On the way home I felt sluggish; my hips hurt; and right knee [always my weaker one] felt swollen [it isn't, just feels like it].

    My calf felt fine - a little tight maybe but I wasn't speed-walking by any stretch of the imagination.

    WTF is wrong with me? 
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