Speed/Race Walking Running Races?

I can run 5/10km using the walk/run methord but pace is slower than walking and hurts compared to walking (hip injury).I cant really do running anymore, hurts to much and doctor say not too, so took up walking and swimming. I can do ruff 8/9 km hour walking. I wanted do more race walking but location i am in there in ruff to no events, i want to work up to the ultra/long distance runs/walks.

I liked doing the running races when i uses to run but also think it would be good training and fun to do and kind of niffty achievement.
Can you speed/race walk running races (5/10k, half, marathons), do they allow it? Is it frowned upon? Will i look stupied?


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    As long as you complete the race in the cut off time I can not see a problem with walking. If you do like walking then try out the LDWA, they allow runners to run but they are a walking group. Lots of walks over 20 miles. 
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