Monday 13th July 2020 - I must've dreamed a thousand dreams


Lyrics - I must've dreamed a thousand dreams
            Been haunted by a million screams

Are you still not feeling 100% emzap? I'm glad you were able to visit, it sounds as though it was enjoyed by all.

Not great circumstances but nice to see your girls OH. I'm glad the stone allowed a swim and run. Do you have to self isolate for two weeks prior to travelling for your procedure?

Sounds like a good day out Hazel. I guess we're all only ever a second away from an accident whether indoors or out.

Good luck Wabo.

Nice here again this morning though forecast to rain later. Knees feel as if they would run but I've been debating whether it's a sensible idea or not, just because I could doesn't mean I should. I'm tired (still not quite back to normal after my investigations if my stomach is anything to go by) and I did my longest run in four months yesterday so I think I'm just going to walk today. I'm not long back from three miles with Mark and will head out again after another coffee and before work. I don't think I'm being lazy but it feels like that!

What:            probably nothing
Why:             see above
Last hard:     making that decision
Last rest:      10/7
If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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