Sunday 19th July 2020 - Well the smart money's on Harlow


Lyrics - Well the smart money's on Harlow
             And the moon is in the street

Our first night didn't go too badly. Lola worked out what a bed was and how to use it during the evening and only took a little persuasion to go in her crate at bed time. We had fifteen minutes of crying and singing before she settled for the night which could have been much worse though I'm tired as I was on alert all night. Our neighbours are lovely but I'd really they weren't disturbed by a singing greyhound in the small hours. This morning she was very pleased to see me and whilst she needed some company initially she went into the garden to toilet with only one minor head bang on the patio door. The excitemet of it all must have been a bit much for her because she's retired to her bed now. I expect she'll be very happy when Mark gets up and gives her some fuss, she likes a lot of love.

What:           hopefully something easy later
Why:            will let Mark have first dibs on exercise time as we can't go out at the same time for a few days
Last hard:    sleeping
Last rest:     13/7

Yesterday's lyrics - Manchester by Beautiful South.
If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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