What Do people Think of Virtual Races

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With corona happening and races getting cancel and very unlikely to be back to next year, what do people think of virtual races?
I had 2 cancelled on me and they offered virtual ones instead. I tried to make them as close as possible as the real race but doesnt feel the same.
There do seem to be fun ones out there like the pizza run.
Would you could a virtual race as race earned or achived?
I live in remote area so i find there good way of doing races if i cant travel, closet being 50-60 miles away.


    Virtual races are just training runs where you buy a medal.   They're not races and don't count for PB's or any other stats really.

    50-60 miles isn't far to travel to a race, when we're back racing, that is.   Anything less than a 100 miles away I would consider local.      I've often driven 150 miles each way for a race in one day, usually if further than that I stay overnight and drive up the day before and drive back after the race.
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    At the moment I am doing a lot of virtual 'challenges', for example run the Pennine Way. I find these keep me motivated to run and give some structure. I did do the Lakesman in Lockdown, half IM without the swim, and I did race that one, especially the bike segment. If virtual races keep you motivated then do them!

    As for traveling to a race, I'm with Shades, quite often travel quite a way, depends on what it is, the longer the race the more I am prepared to go. The record, for me, was NY for a HM!!
  • Personally I really enjoy the virtual challenges on Strava and of course Parkrun - a little boost from other friends and runners, plus it's fun to look through results at the end. But I badly miss the raceday adrenaline. I'm sure it knocks 15 seconds off every kilometer!
  • I'm not fully sold on the concept of them. I don't blame event organisers for diversifying to generate income in these difficult times, however I can't help feel like the virtual races don't provide value for money. In particular I don't understand how they can affiliate specific geographic locations or routes to a virtual run. That said, I have signed up to the Great Run December accumulator challenge because I fancy a challenge and like the medal design, so I've clearly been sucked in by the marketing!
  • I believe virtual challenges and runs are part of a growing trend in ongoing pandemic situation and has become kind of a recreational running: doing a race whenever you can, wherever you can, and still feeling as if you’re part of the crowd, even if you’re running alone. Apps like Runtrack, Strava, Map my Run have enabled to include and run with friends and relatives and motivate with daily progress. It is the new trend and i guess going to stay, so just go with the flow and enjoy the new normal of virtual running!
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