Looking for a Minimalist running shoe / running flats

Liam2Liam2 ✭✭
Hi all, I've recently got back into running after a number of years. I am looking for some light weight minimalist running shoes with a sole that is ideally flat. Thought i'd ask here for suggestions rather than keep buying new shoes and finding they aren't right for me.

I have never really got on with trainers with very bulky sole with thick heels. The cushioning is nice but I feel very unstable in these and have rolled my ankles on a number of occasions. I seem to do far better with a thinner flat sole where I can feel the ground. I recently bought some barefoot running shoes but have found there isn't quite enough support in these, the main issue being the sole is wafer thin. They are really comfortable and perfect for walking but running in them, it feels as though there's a very heavy impact with each stride and its probably not the best for the joints.

So essentially i'm looking for something minimalist and lightweight with a flat sole but not to the degree of a bare foot shoe that could be compared to a rubber sock! Does anyone have any recommendations?


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