Dull/sharp knee pain running / morning after

Hi all,
I restarted my running in April and have been running 5k plus most days with a day off a week roughly, throughout the months I have run through many little injuries that have fixed themselves. <div>However, my knee pain is now limiting how often I run, and sends a sharp pain sometimes when I’m running, and when I stop running the pain is much more prevalent, especially lately in morning, bending my leg is extremely painful and it takes a few hours for the pain to settle down. </div><div>Once rested for a day or two, it feels fine up and down stairs and I think all good to run, but a mile in, the pain returns and next morning and so on the process continues. </div><div>
</div><div>I know the advice will be to perhaps go to doctors to check this, I’m always the typical guy who doesn’t go doctors and I’ve just continued my ways hoping the injury just sorts itself and will one day just go. </div><div>But I wanted to check if this is a common pain or if I seriously need to stop running if I’m causing damage I’m unaware of. </div><div>The knee pain is my left leg, towards left (outside) of kneecap. / slightly below. </div>


    No point going to the doctors, they don't do sports injuries.   But you should go and see a physio.   It might be runner's knee which is common.   If it is, then there needs to be some rest for the inflammation to heal.   Maybe take 7 to 10 days rest, just some walking if you can do that pain free.   If that doesn't heal it then you need the physio for a diagnosis and rehab advice.

    Are you using the right shoes for you, are they worn out?
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    Aww, shades, some of us will still have a look at sports injuries, but I agree that physio is probably better placed to diagnose and deal with them.

    Always a bit difficult to know from a forum post, but it could be ITB pain - it rubs across the bone just where you seem to be describing, and is one of the causes of runner's knee.

    If you've returned to running, and you're running 6 days a week, my first suggestion would be a week or two of only a few runs. You could consider some cross training if you are still keen to do something, but ideally something that doesn't stress the knees /involve repeated flexion of the knees.

    It can be related to biomechanics, and to weak glute muscles. Or to something stressing one side. I had it last year as I was increasing mileage - disappeared after easing back on the miles for a fortnight, alternating direction on track sessions, and some glute exercises.

    If that's not working, probably best to get seen by a sports physio as shades said
    chamolk - trying to ease your workload, that's all  ;)
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    Haha, thanks, thats always appreciated 
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