Knee pain while running

Hey guys

I got into running this year, at first everything was going fine and I went from doing 3-4 km runs to 13 kms going up about a km each week.

Now I can't go longer than about 3-5 kms without getting painful knees , or once I get to around the 3 km mark I'll need to stop for about a minute because of the pain and then run again for half a km or so before the comes back.  I get a lot of knee swelling. After the run the pain isn't too bad, it's mainly there while I run. 

The following days there's not much pain but a little bit when I bend them. 

I have also changed shoes, focused more on warming up, taken 2 weeks off.

Any idea what my problem might be?


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear this, knee pain can be many, many things (having had a knee issue last year). My advice would be to find a decent physio who understands you are a runner and understands runners.  
  • chamolkchamolk ✭✭✭
    I second TT's advice about seeing a physio. Swelling in the knee itself would often suggest either blood /haemarthrosis (unlikely in your case if no sudden injury) or inflammation. Inflammation will almost always ease with a rest or break from running, as it's the repetitive nature of running that causes and exacerbates the problem. 

    Physio will help identify any weakness or imbalance that is contributing to it, along with advice how to fix it.

    Core /glute exercises can help too, if you're not already doing any, as can taking a week or two break
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