Shoes for Supinator / underpronator

Hi apologies for the newbie question. I am generally a supinator (more on the right foot than the left). Any aches and pains generally are isolated to this right hand side. I clearly run right on the outer edge of my right foot as I wear the outsole only on this side from heel to toe off, I also get a sore 5th metatarsal bone on the r/h/s too which I believe is a sign that my bodyweight is running on this outer side. I don't suffer horrendously with injury and pain because of this, it niggles, and I tend not to run as much as I like because I am protecting against the overusing and ending up injured. Whilst there is no real classification for a underpronation running shoe, can someone tell me whether in principal a supinator like me should be looking at Support shoes or soft neutral shoes (currently running in Asics Novablast)


    Support and stability shoes are for runners with some level of overpronation.

    So you should be looking at neutral shoes.   There are plenty to choose from, maybe go to a running shop and try a few on.
  • yep, that's the theory as I understood too. I was just unsure that whether support shoes don't technically stabilise in both directions under and over pronation
    No they don't.   

    If you still have problems when you've got your new shoes the next option would be to have custom made orthotics which you would put in your neutral shoes.
  • Cheers Shades, its not horrendous it doesn't seem to be getting worse. So I am happy to live with it and hopefully some better ankle strength etc will improve things over time. Just really wanted to be double sure that my shoe type choice isn't a factor, I'm glad i am technically running in the right type of shoe, as I definitely enjoy the comfort that a cushioned neutral gives me over a wooden support shoe !
    I train in a mixture of shoes for mild overpronation and neutral.    I have several pairs of neutral shoes with great cushioning and they are joy to run in, agree the cushioning is so comfortable.

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