Running post laser treatment on a verruca?

Hi all,

I'm having some laser treatment on a stubborn verruca in a couple of days and wondered if anyone else has done this and how it affects training. I know that the site initially turns black and after a few days a deep blister forms, which gradually pushes the 'nuked' verruca tissue out. It takes several weeks to heal and the blister needs to be drained at various points. I guess my question is, "Can I / Should I run on it?". I've only just started running and don't want to lose my hard won gains, basically turning into a non-runner again. I'm hoping that keeping the site clean should be enough and that I'll run through any discomfort.
Thanks and sorry this is a bit gruesome!
48 year old beginner running since April 2020


    AKM72 - I am extremely squeamish about feet 🤢

    I guess when you have the procedure they'll advise on the care and healing.   I think you should be able to run as long as it's pain free.   If it's still painful maybe some brisk walking for a while.   But you need to get rid of it so if you have a bit of an interruption in your training it will be worth it.
  • Thanks and apologies! I could never be a chiropodist even if it is a pretty much future proofed job. 
    48 year old beginner running since April 2020
  • chamolkchamolk ✭✭✭
    Hi again AKM

    I've never heard of laser treatment for a verruca tbh. In my experience (as a GP) creams like Bazuka are usually enough. Failing that, in rare cases, I've used liquid nitrogen to treat them. I'm treating one personally at the minute, but the Bazuka is working well, even within a week.

    That aside, and assuming you've got the laser treatment, I'd suggest you'd treat it like a burn (essentially the laser causes a burn) or as if you'd stood on a nail. Superficial, localised pain /damage can probably be ignored, and you can run through it, but theres a risk of worsening pain, infection, and recurrence of the verruca. If it's sore to run on it, or if running seems to be irritating it , I'd suggest a break of 3-7 days - won't affect your overall fitness much, but allows superficial recovery to happen. If it's a widespread area (maybe more than 8mm or so) I'd suggest not running through it, and taking the brief rest.

    Consider cycling or rowing in the break to maintain fitness without rubbing the wound, but miss these too if they are sore to do. 

    Overall, for acute/short term pain I  always advise patients that if what they are doing is causing pain, they should stop doing it (temporarily). If running hurts, stop running until it stops hurting - it should only be a matter of days
  • Hi Chamolk,

    I must have had this verruca for years without realising it. When a chiropodist made me aware of it I was bazookaing it for a while and using a scalpel to trim off any build up that felt like a pebble like discomfort. Unfortunately you need to be super disciplined to actually make good headway doing this and I wasn’t disciplined enough and I think the scraping spread it over a larger area (on ball of foot). I was coexisting with it for a couple more years before I really wanted to get rid and got it lasered in March. It looked like it did the trick, but alas it is back. I had it lasered again today. A burn is exactly what it is. It was uncomfortable even after having an ankle block administered.  Hopefully this time will work, but I’ve heard that even aggressive surgery has mixed results as they can be very persistent no matter what the treatment path. I am a bit miffed that my immune system has not got on top of it by now, but what can you do aside from do what you can? I appreciate the advice. Might have to hop on the bike for a while, but it’s not the same. Thanks very much!
    48 year old beginner running since April 2020
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