Newbie replace VFFs or something different?

<p>Hi all</p><p>My first post (I’ve searched and can’t find an answer)</p><p>
</p><p>My situation:</p><p><span>Never run in my life before lockdown but (because I apparently wanted to go full-stereotype alongside baking sourdough) I have done Couch to 5k and now run around 6k once or twice a week.  70% grass 30% tarmac. </span></p><p>
</p><p><span>I’m now going to work up to 10k but don’t plan on going beyond (at the mo) casual keep-fit is what I’ll likely settle at. </span></p><p>
</p><p><span>I’ve done all my running (about 150k) wearing the only shoes I had, which are copies of Vibram 5 fingers which cost about £10 shipped 10 years ago and have been sat in a cupboard since.  </span></p><p>
</p><p><span>I bought them as I liked the shape (my feet are very wide toe box with narrow heel and have always been a pain to find hiking boots etc that fit well). It wasn’t anything about favouring minimalist, just liked the shape. </span></p><p>
</p><p><span>The fake Vibrams fit pretty well and have a sole that is 0 lift and about 2-3mm thick and very solid. They’re surprisingly still in one piece after 150k. </span></p><p>
</p><p><span>The only issues I’ve had so far is one blister on my big toe and really stiff calves a couple of times recently once didn’t stretch, once after my 4th 5k in 6 days. </span></p><p>
</p><p><span>I’m shielding so not going to the shops but want to get a new pair of running shoes before these completely conk out. </span></p><p>
</p><p><span>So (finally.  Apologies for wittering on) my question is:</span></p><p>
</p><p><span>My thought was to get a pair of real VFFs  (probably KSOs or V-trail 2.0) as I know the style fits my wide feet and though you often have to break yourself into VFF / minimalist running, as that’s all I’ve known, it’s fine to just crack on regardless and maybe the fact I’ve never been able to heel-strike will do well for me. </span></p><p><span>Or </span></p><p><span>Don’t go VFF, as maybe the next stage (up to 10k) will be too much to run solely in barefoot shoes and my calves will take a hit.  Get something more traditional with a bit of padding, that will fit my narrow-wide feet. (Altras perhaps) </span></p><p>
</p><p>It’s nigh on impossible to find anything about VFF’s that isn’t either ‘my god, they’re the answer’ or ‘work of the devil, they will ruin you!’</p><p>
</p><p><span>I can’t go to a specialist shop as regardless of any Covid measures, there is some risk and as my partner is clinically vulnerable it’s not worth it. </span></p><p>
</p><p><span>If you’re still here thanks for reading so far and for any advice. </span></p>


  • Apologies for the weird extra text. It was text pasted from notes on an iPhone. I would edit but don’t seem to have the function 
    That's hard to read, I've seen that before from other posts from iPhone, not sure why some do that.   Anyway I got to the end OK.

    I think Altras would be a good choice, they are a zero drop but plenty of cushioning.   As you can't visit a running shop this is a great website for shoe reviews/info

    Then maybe it might be a good idea to phone a shoe retailer and ask a bit of advice from them on brands/models/fit and if able to return if unsuitable etc.    Some shoes are available in a wider fit than 'normal' so that might be an option too.
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