Friday 11th September 2020 - Don't you know I'm no good for you?


Lyrics - Don't you know I'm no good for you?
             I've learned to lose you, can't afford to

Good news emzap - sounds as though nursery is wearing Lucas out :-)  Anything special planned for the end of your challenge:smile:

I had the best night's sleep I have had in ages last night - must need to do more exercise to wear myself out, if only the old body would allow it! Much as it galls me I think I'm going to be sensible this morning and not attempt a run. A walk along the prom before breakfast will have to suffice for my last sea fix for who knows how long. Mark and I would like to try for another break in October but MiL is the issue, don't want to leave her home alone for a week, don't think we'll get number 2 son to take responsibility again and aren't sure when she'd be free - she has her flu jab booked and some work to be done on her house. It's worth a chat though.

What:           probably nothing
Why:            tired/lazy/sensible
Last hard:    leaving the sea but it will be nice to see Lola
Last rest:     7/9

Yesterday's lyrics - Good Days Bad Days - Kaiser Chiefs.

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Morning all
    Crazy busy yesterday so even missed checking in on everyone here...
    LMH - sounds like it has been a good break, and if nothing else you have had a change of scene and a battery recharge. 
    OH - good work on the 5k and hope progress continues
    Els - as LMH says, support is here, we all need a bot of that sometimes...hope the travl, process and recovery all go well. We too have had a load of fallen fruit (pears). Bumper crop this year so still plenty left, although the tits and wasps are having a good go at what's left...
    Emz - hurrah for a good night's sleep and pleased the tests were good news
    Hazel - outed by a cat, I never realised that was a requirement! How did the speedy set go?
    Wabo - fingers crossed for a stress free and straight forward hearing

    What - hopefully some trail miles
    Why - getting out
    last rest - 31/08
    last hard - Tuesday
    10k trails and coaching on Wednesday and just a couple of ks last night pre kids coaching (plus running around with them). 

  • Morning!

    Lyrics: no

    Hope all goes to plan Els and OH!

    I slept better last night as well! About time!

    What: a run plus fitness suite

    Why: the fitness suite has re-opened so I am going to venture there and see how safe I feel. Will be followed by a run of some description. 

    Back later!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Maybe turbo, maybe not
    Back in isolation and weather foul.
    Lots of hards
    Last rest Wednesday
    Lyrics no
  • Wintry wet blowy morning here, just right for my first pre breakfast run in a long time, and probably last for some time!
    Covid test done - that "tent" they are using doesn't look like it will survive much of the winter! Funnily enough secretary in Aberdeen phoned in a mild panic yesterday as she hadn't been able to suss how to get a test done in Orkney, fortunately have a direct contact in the Covid assessment unit as our very efficient secretary from work is currently working there (think she'd love to be back doing her normal job!). She sorted it out in no time!
    As Peter has poor sense of smell and I haven't been in the car for weeks just discovered a small bag of shopping which has been festering there since pre start of his isolation 3 weeks ago, clean up required!
    Emz - thing is I feel perfectly well currently with a fair risk of suffering a stroke as complication of procedure so I'm not overly enthusiastic, but risk of the aneurysm growing and bleeding is there if nothing is done.
    LMH - sounds like a good holiday!
    Ale - thanks for good wishes.
    Lyrics - nope. Enjoy your running all, off on 11.45pm boat tonight, hope for the wind to die down.
  • Afternoon! Just!

    What: fitness suite then run which included 2.5k warm up, 3 x 3 mins with 90 secs recovery, warm down. 

    Why: fitness suite now open, but half the machines have been taken out. Kept it very gentle for the first time since early March. In contrast the 3 x 3 minutes was hard! Fitness suite seemed very safe, but perhaps that is because it as deserted: no students as yet. Run was cool and blustery. 

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Yuk, els! Made me chuckle though. And good to see you. Sounds like a sword is hanging over your head! I cross all available digits that the procedure goes smoothly. 

    Ale: Similar in our gym. Lots of machines have been put aside so that distance rules can be adhered to. Only the cardio area is still full of machines but every second piece of equipment is taped off. And people behave really well and keep their distance.

    Hope you enjoyed your last "sea fix", LMH. Wish I could sleep ... My sleep pattern is completely off kilter. I fall asleep easily just to wake up around 11pm or midnight and then I'm wide awake until about 5am. By then my restless mind gives up and I fall asleep just to wake up completely disoriented and groggy when the alarm goes off an hour or two later. It wasn't much better when I was running so I just put it down to work stress and old age :)

    OH: is your pain better now and would you say the op was a success?

    Em: I'm allowed a teensy bit of light running which I interpret as up to a mile, split into 100m run/100m walk at the mo. I know I've done more in the two weeks before my doc made me come to my senses. It's not easy but this year is a write-off anyway in many respects. Here's to spring of next year :)

    Another bad night so no exercise as yet. Will go for a longer walk once I've finished work though.

    Have a lovely weekend, all. 
  • Afternoon

    Good you were able to get in some of those 14 hours of sleep as well emzap.  And the bonus of a nice run on top. 

    Ouch to the eczema Wabo.  Good to have a court date by the sounds of it.

    Glad you were able to run again OH. 

    Els feel free to come and have a good moan on here if you need to / want to.  Good luck with test results and the procedure.   Good luck with the travel plans for the weekend for you both.

    Travel back home well LMH.  Perhaps you can get a short break organized at least.  Would love to see the sea again.  Won't happen this year for sure and who knows with next.

    Nice training combination Ale. 

    Looked at another promising flat yesterday evening chicksta.  Bit out in the sticks but should be nice and quiet for that.   Will be doing the application stuff later.  Well done on getting the running and gym work in.

    Hope you get some trail miles in Dustin.  Speed didn't go too well yesterday - (s. below).

    What: prework recoveryish 5 and a bit k - bit too hilly for a real recovery but I kept the pace nice and slow.
    Why: moped needs a checkover - rode to the garage and ambled back
    Last hard: 5k LT yesterday lunchtime - had to put in a couple of stand and swear in the shade of a tree breaks between 3 and 4. Too hot and sunny for such (minor sunburn).    Honest analysis also again says I am trying to run too fast.  I might have a few months of decent mileage but with no appropriate races I don't have any real guide to where I am.  Better to slow things down and aim to get sessions done.
    Last rest: 30.03.

    Lyrics: no
  • Ewwww - hope you could get the smell of the forgotten shopping out of the car Els. When is your procedure? Will be thinking of and praying for you. So difficult to make the decision to have it done when you feel so well. Hope the wind dies down and you have a calm crossing.

    OH - can you stop self isolating as soon as Els is admitted?

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to the fitness suite Alehouse. I may investigate my gym soon.

    It's turned out to be a good year to have to write off chicksta.

    I was right, it was a definite no knee day. Still managed an enjoyable if uncomfortable couple of mile walk before breakfast. Home now and back to reality. Doesn't take much/long to undo the effects of a holiday does it?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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