Training <> Injury tug of war

I'm in the process of launching a startup (trying to make the most of a covid-related redundancy!) and am really intrigued by the rate of injury with runners, in particular relatively new runners and those with ambitious pace or distance goals. I'm sure there is an opportunity to help people to train around existing injuries and of course injury prevention.

I would love to hear your views. Do you agree this is realistic, or are injuries just a "fact of life" for runners? Did you ever find a time when you had to reduce miles/pace or stop altogether? How did it feel and who convinced you to do so? If someone other than you, how did they do it!?

As an entrepreneur, I'm giving this all I have but would love to learn more from you guys to ensure I build a business that solves real problems, not just my own!

Finally, if anyone would be willing to spend 5 minutes helping out, I have set up a Google survey to learn more about people's running, injury and recovery experiences. I would LOVE some of you guys and gals to fill it in. If it's of interest I would be happy to share the results back with the forum next week. The survey is here:

Thanks for reading, and for helping a bedroom entrepreneur get off the starting blocks with a new venture!


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Just had a look at your survey, I think it's a good idea but you are asking for a large amount of personal data from people who do not know who you are! I did not answer as soon as you wanted all of that information. 
  • Totally understood TT. Is there anything you would like to know that may reassure you? I've made the contact info optional, so you should be able to share other info anonymously if you prefer!
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