Heart attack, indidgestion, or stress

Don't tell the Dublin crowd, I'm here.
Pain in my chest since Windsor, a lingering thing. The other night I went for a run after eating a huge bowl of fruit and fibre and I couldn't run! Cramps etc...Last night I hadn't eaten but I went on the treadmill for 30 mins and a pain under my chest. I ran through it. Doing Dublin on Monday, could it all be my imagination... anyone else been a complete hypochondriac before a race. Any medics out there? V-rap, perhaps?


  • Thinking it might be a ticker problem I stuck my hands on t/mill hr monitor. HR was plodding along at just below 60% max (it was an easy run)...
    I'm already embarrassed about this post. RW - can we remove it, and let me get on with some work!
  • Snicks whichever it is get it checked out, or are you hoping if you ignore it, it might just go away.
  • Snicks

    I had a similar thing turned out to be stress/exercise no harm, one friend had it & it was a bout of stress induced shingles, another had a (mild?) heart attack - all our age!

    Worth getting checked out - take care
  • Thanks Nick, and WW. I will ignore it and see what happens on Monday! Bit pointless asking really - just had to share it.

  • Snicks: V-rap posted on another thread that she wouldn't be around for a while, I'm afraid.

    I'm no medic, but I'm one of those "ignore it and hope it goes away" people. And my dad's had countless heart attacks and quintuple bypass surgery, and my sister has another heart complaint - so if anyone should know better, it's me!

    I think if it happens on Monday, personally, I'd stop on the basis that my body was trying to tell me something.

    Best of luck though, and I hope you're feeling better!

  • Snicks, I hope you are ok and you have no problems in Dublin, and good luck.

    I've had a sharp stabbing pain in my chest and it's really weird. I got it last Thursday or Friday, just one sharp stab in the chest (left side very worrying) and then it went, it was so painful I screamed ans everyone in the office was worried. Then it happened again yesterday exactly the same, one stab and it was over. Again extremely painful and I'm a bit worried.

    I think I'll trot off to the docs next week.
  • Thanks Mr A... yes, my family has a history of heart disease too!
    Caz, let's swap doctor's notes next week. We've probably both got a bad bout of indigestion. In my case, could well be the case, what with all this carbo loading malarkey
  • Snicks, yes that's do that.

    Yours could be a case of bad stitch? Especially seeing as you ate before hand?

    Mine's a bit like a muscle spasm, hopefully not my heart muscle! Bloody painful, but just like someone running a knife through you. Well not that anyone has ever done that thankfully, but you know what I mean :)
  • Snicks

    Don't be poorly but if you have to please keep out of Barnet Gen - the friend who had the heart attack was diagnosed as digestive virus and sent home without the results of his tests (which never turned up). Nipped into his BUPA clinic for one of those 'just to know for sure' checks & found it was a heart attack in the meantime he'd been back at work two weeks doing a pretty stressful job.
  • Same thing happened to my dad, Nick. They said it was stress, and six weeks later, he found out he'd had two mild heart attacks. But really, I'm fine, just had an anxiety hour earlier today. Caz was right, bad stitch!
  • I would still check it out though Snicks, I'm no Dr., and I'd hate for anything bad to happen to you.

    Oh that sounded so negative and worrying, but you know what I mean. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Snicks
    Don't forget I've seen you run (well fleetingly at the start) I'm sure you're fine.

    Keep taking the medicine :-)
  • Angina is related to pain in the chest with exercise. Go to your GP.
  • It's not easy to completely rule out heart trouble on a Friday Evening on the eve of a trip overseas in order to run a marathon...
    ..but if you did want an extra degree of peace of mind it might well be worth taking yourself off to Casualty for an electrocardiogram (...assuming GPs not still open round your way)

    Probably they would say its nothing off you go and good luck

    the downside is they might try to put you off Monday - either through rightful caution or through over cautiousness - but its not possible to give the reassurance you need without the more detailed assessment of a medical person with said ECG

    I had similar pain a few months back - wasnt terribly worried as such, but was a little disquited by the thought that it could be my ticker - did feel whole lot better when girlfriend sneaked me into her work and performed said (normal) ECG

    er so that's what I'd do but I wouldn't give up on Monday yet

  • Snicks

    Best of luck for Dublin on Monday.

    You have had a lot of good advice from other forumites; I would get it checked before you run if you can because the worry in the back of your mind might adversely affect your run.

    Keep in good health!

  • Thanks everyone. I'm a 34 year old hypochondraic female. Sorry for wasting your time. I'm embarassed now. I'm not having a heart attack! And I am running Dublin. Thanks again.
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