Ankle Fracture

Hi all,

So it was all going so well this year until I went over on my ankle running on a trail a few weeks back and snapped my fibula. Been really lucky, it's a Weber A and a very simple break. Gutted though, I'd lost 2 stones and my mileage was ramping up really well without niggles or injury.

I went straight into a boot which I've had on for 3 weeks now, the hospital told me to remove it after 4 weeks and, like Lazarus, to get up and walk. Problem is I've lost confidence! I can fully weight bear without pain standing still without the boot now, and can walk in the boot without pain. ROM is really good, been doing my ankle stretches and circles since week 1.

I'm seeing a physio next week but does anyone here have any tips on weaning off the boot? I'm terrified that my ankle is going to give way again, got a very clear memory of the pain when it broke - and I suspect this is just my mind playing tricks.

Also I'm getting really bad pain up the inside shin of my bad leg, like deep shin-splints. Opposite side of the break, which is weird. Could this just be through walking heavy-footed in the boot?

Anyone else had a stable fracture, if so what was your time back to running?


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