Is this plantar fasciitis?

A couple of days ago I was on a 9-mile run, and I noticed a slight pain under my foot in the last mile (I'd say about a 3/10 on the pain scale). 

The pain didn't persist after the run, but I do have an occasional feeling of discomfort in the same foot (sometimes it'll feel a bit heavy/tight, other times I won't feel anything at all). As a precaution, I've taken the past 2 days off, been stretching my calves, and I've iced/gently massaged the affected foot a couple of times. I also bought an over-the-counter orthotic as a preventative measure in future.

Based on where the discomfort is coming from (sole of the foot, near the heel), I'm assuming that it's PF, but there are a few boxes it doesn't tick: (1) it doesn't hurt more in the morning, (2) I can lift my toes off the ground comfortably, and (3) I can walk on it without pain. 

Can I run tomorrow, or should I take more time off?! What's the risk in continuing to run when the 'pain' (discomfort) is mild?

I've read many horror stories about PF, but equally I don't want to needlessly take time off, as I've been making real progress in the past few weeks :)


  • Having had it and suffered for two years with it, I don't think that you have PF. When I had it, putting my foot on the floor in the morning sent the pain of red hot wire in my heel.  The tendon from the ball of the foot to the heel contracts during sleep and stretches again when the foot is placed in the normal position of around 90 degrees to the leg. Two things resulted in my recovery:  a night splint, worth ever penny, and Devil's Claw Balm from Holland & Barrett.  I also paId over £100 for orthotic insoles but they only dealt with the symptoms, not the cause.  I also switched over to barefoot/natural running shoes (ecco biom) as I'm convinced that the sprung heel running shoes that I had been using were pushing energy back into my heel.

    That's how I understand it anyway, but I'm just a layman
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