Foot pain around 12-14k into the run

I've recently started running a bit more seriously then before, and has been preparing for a half marathon(21k spartan) for the last 8 weeks or so.
I can easily run 10-14k, and managed to force run to 19k once before.

My question is, right around 12 to 14k into the run, and this is fairly consistent, I get an annoying pain right inside the ball of my feet.
This is not specific to any one area but a more of a burning sensation in the ball of the foot.
This is happening in both of my feet, and if I raise them up it goes away.
As if lactate is building up and causing a swallowing.

I managed to get to 19k by raising my feet up every 1-2k, and really pushing the pain away.

I've tried changing my shoes, minimalist to 12mm drop shoes, slow pace running, different size nothing has worked so far.

I really think this is the only thing that is preventing me running long distance at the moment, so I really appreciate any suggestions.


  • sorry for the grammar errors.
    wrote in a rush, swallowing => swelling*, then => than* etc.

    also just a quick update, I don't get any pain even if I run twice a day as long as they are less than 10k, and even if I put pressure I don't get any pain.

    I start to think that I might just need to take it easy and build up to those milages slowly.
    Maybe I should increase just by 1k every week, and see if that will help.
  • You mentioned stopping every 1-2K to raise your feet. Have you tried doing fast runs over a shortish distance (say 800m) then walking the next 200m?
    I found my fitness and speed built up quite quickly this way, it wasn't much slower and may help with giving your feet a bit of a break.
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