How much should I run

How much should I run in order to lose weight?
Dave Alce
Marketing Manager


  • Hi Dave and welcome.

    It's actually quite a difficult one to quantify as it depends on a few variables, i.e. age, height, weight, current fitness levels, current activities, eating and drinking habits, etc. 

    The simple equation I've always thought of is that if you're putting less calories in your body than you're using up then as a consequence weight loss should happen. And as exercise burns calories then running should help. 
  • Thank you very much for your reply. Currently, I am running in the morning and in the evening. 2 k.m each time.
    Dave Alce
    Marketing Manager
  • Well as a consequence of actually getting out for a run on a regular basis you should start to feel the benefit of increased fitness, which would hopefully lead to you being able to run further as your endurance improves. That should have a positive affect on any weight loss targets.
  • Don't run as fast as you think you should, don't run as far as you think you should, but run more often than you think you should. I think that was Cliff Temple.

    A good guide but not that accurate is you burn 100 calories if you weigh 10 stone and run at 7 minute miles. So a 3 hour marathon doesn't burn off a pound of fat. Adjust for your weight and speed.

    Running does help to lose weight, but I reckon it's 95% less food and 5% exercise.
  • To lose weight, you need at least 50 minutes at an average pace.
  • Just a quick one from me! I run 13k at the weekend, aiming to do a marathon - but not paying the price for a full marathon! especially with lockdown. After my 13k my legs felt like two blocks of ice. So painful, my brother is a keen cyclist so let me use his massage gun - could run another 5k two days later!
  • HI Dave,
    I've lost 4 1/2 stone, but not all jogging!!!!

    I started back in around Feb time, just walking about 5 miles a day, then progressed to faster walking still doing 5/6 miles a day - this is where I lost most of my weight from 17 1/2 stone down to 12 1/2 stone now.

    I next moved onto jogging after building up my fitness to all out jogging doing jog/walk periods and bought a HR monitor, the Polar H10 to use with my Polar M430 running watch.

    Bear in mind whilst doing all this I kept an eye on my calorie intake - nothing major, but with doing all the exercise I could still eat most of what I eat before but kept an eye on portion sizes as well.

    So where am I at now ???  Still jogging , but using my HR monitor now to do 3 zone 2 days of around 5/6 or 7 miles in around 1 1/2 hours depending on hills where I limit my pace to Zone 2 HR around 12 Min/Miles and stick to this HR.  Then I do 1 day where I do not set my HR Zone and just go all out in zone 3 4 and 5, but with this High intensity I limit my Jogs to around 45 Min to an Hour at most.

    You see that I just use the term jogging as opposed to running - I'm still around 5 mile an hour pace - I term running as 6 min/miles but I'm 55 and come from a total sedentary life style to this where I'm at now.  I've done a fitness test periodically on the watch and early on, my VO2 max was at 40, its now around 52 saying that I'm in the elite catorgery - but I take these measurements on the basis of just what they are, but you can see that there has been massive improvement, from my weight to my fitness and not having to go all out and kill myself in the process.

    Its been very steady for me and look forward to my zone 2 days where I can take in the scenery, all be it pavements and roads.

    so, like me you dont have to go by numbers regarding pace - just do what you can and the main thing is trying to do it  REGULARLY and keeping it up.

    This approach has been great for me, nice and steady with no injuries as of now, my fitness level has never been so high all through my adult life and I weigh the lightest Ive ever been since I can remember, and all this in my MID 50's.


  • Weight loss is going to be driven more by the diet side of the equation. Yes, some people lose weight after starting a running program, but that is by no means universal. Many people compensate to the increased energy expenditure by simply eating more (either consciously or unconsciously).
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  • Hi,
    Lets do this the Math way.

    1 pound is about 3500 calories
    30 mins of running burns around 200 calories(actually depends on pace and speed) about 2 miles distance

    so 1 pound weight loss is approx 35 miles, but just 1 pound is not considered an effective weight loss.

    So for 5 pounds weight loss, around 175 miles run is required if you do not want to compromise on the food, making the target unrealistic.

    That is the reason nutrition and diet come into the picture if you want a considerate weight loss, running alone is a little difficult and will require a lot of efforts.

    Further you can track your runs the math way using the running Apps like Runtrackr to help you realize the results, progress and the efforts required!
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