Hi all, what a poo year all in. Thought I’d finish it on a high. I got talked in to doing the Dorset Hillfort ultra. I have run a couple of marathons in the past. Last one being 10 years ago. However since then I’ve been doing triathlon. All distances. Only one full but several 70. 3s  in the last couple of years. Training has been a bit hit and miss, mainly miss !! Two mates who were doing it with me have pulled out because of injuries. I haven’t been able to find too much information about this event. Has anyone done it before ? It’s Sunday , the 1st. 
Very anxious as I always am before an event. This is my first ultra. Anyone else reading this in the same position ?


  • Hello, bit late but hope it all went well for you! This was also my first ultra. I found it really well organised/supported. I did it with a mate and we came 13th/14th which we were massively chuffed with but still about hour behind winner. I got into dark times after the marathon point and could barely run even in flat or downhill. Got some energy in tank for last 3-4km and ran it. We got back just as weather was getting miserabler. That section thorough through the dairy farm at around 12k wot was all churned up by cattle, filled with piss and poo bound in a matrix of mud was horrendous. 
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