Race to the Stones Footwear & Hydration Vest Recommendations?

portlandersportlanders ✭✭✭
Yep, entered for the 100km non-stop next year, being my 50th year on the planet.

On the shoe front the inov8 brand has caught my eye. 
So instead of transferring from my Brooks or Saucony road shoes to the trails, i'm thinking of trying inov8.

Am i correct in thinking the TRAILTALON 290 V2 is probably best suited for me for this race, being a heavy runner of 16 stone?

Also how does sizing for this compare to Brooks and Saucony, which i wear an 11 in?

I only ask, as the nearest inov8 stockist to me is some 30+ miles away, so i'm going to have to purchase online.

Perhaps there is a different shoe from a different brand you would recommend? 

For the Hydration vest, i have a 46" chest, so am limited on some models, but again the inov8 ultra pro looks good, along with the Ultimate Direction offerings, the Ultra or Mountain model perhaps? 

Any recommendation / advice is most welcome. 
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