Glute activation

I'm seeking advice on glute activation. My wife suffers very bad back, hip and sciatic pain after running and (more recently) walking. She was referred to a physio but with the current situation this keeps getting pushed back so we're relying on self-diagnosis and treatment. We think it's a result of poorly developed glutes and have found glute activation exercises. 

When is the best time to do these exercises? As a warm up before running/walking or as part of daily routine? Many people recommend stretching after exercise but I've personally found this to cause more problems and have found that stretching throughout the day is more effective.

My wife is desperate to exercise, any advice will be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,



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    Hi Rob, sorry to hear this. My physio is open. Sports therapists can treat if it is injury prevention as can sports rehab people. I know it's expensive but finding a physio who can go through things would be far better.

    Personally I do my physio before a run, as told to do so by my physio, I then do a stretch class twice a week, may or may not be on a running day, and before lock down a PT session twice a week to work on core, again may or may not be on a running day.
  • I’ve struggled with this over the years, ended up needing hip surgery. I spent quite a bit of time with a running coach getting back to running again after the injury and a lot of it was around glute and hamstring activation. I’m now running the best I have in years and I put that down to doing a few yoga sessions a week at home and also doing glute activation before my runs. Only takes 10-15 mins and seems to work. Single leg squats holding something infront at waist height for support, using resistance bands, a quick google search online will come up with some good stuff. 

  • Personally I do glute activation exercises right before my runs. But my issue is more IT band syndrome, so hard to say if that is the best approach for every situation.
  • There is a good person to follow on Facebook called Paul Howell, he has his own ‘sling method’ .
    I would recommend having a look at his posts
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