IRONMAN Barcelona

Well I have finally got myself into gear and started exercising again!!!

With job changes, moving houses, getting married and having two kids over the last 6 years my exercise keeps getting pushed back and pushed to the side and obviously laziness has come into it at times.

I recently started getting on the turbo trainer again though and trying out Zwift after reaching the mature weight of 17stone and absolutely loved it! although the fitness left rather quickly the dream of an IRONMAN has never left and now I have entered my 30's and very much settled, I think its a good time to actually commit to it 100%.

I have been doing some research on what IRONMAN to target and think a sensible option is Barcelona 2022 for several reasons. My asthma kicked off when jumping into the water in a UK tri once so would feel a little more confident entering (slightly) warmer waters of Spain. It's easy to get to. It's abroad which for some reason I find more exciting than a UK one for my first and I could swing a little holiday in with the family straight after as well. finally the flat bike and run takes some of the stress away. I know a flat bike course can also bring its challenges but I would be more confident going into it I think

My Question is this, Has anyone done IM Barca and would they recommend it especially for a first timer? 


  • I did it as a first time Ironman. I found it easier than the couple of UK Half Iron distances I’d done. The place was buzzing for a few days after too. I’m also on the heavy side, the topography definitely helps. Go for it.
  • Thanks Undergeared! that's what I really wanted to hear. I know there is no such thing as an easy IM but want my first to be as relaxing as possible so think it sounds perfect.

    Rightly or wrongly my training tactic is going to be heavy on the cycling to get my weight down and fitness up with a low chance of injury, a couple of hours swimming per week and a couple of runs. I figure If I get the swim out of the way and do a respectable time on the bike, if the worst comes to the worst I can walk/jog the marathon.

    I have almost 2 years though and going to take the training seriously so hopefully I will be fit enough to do the event justice and hopefully even enjoy myself!
  • ParmosParmos ✭✭✭
    good luck it's been something i've been toying with this year i do lots of cycling but no swimming and very little running as had a DVT last year and got told to take running easy and light
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