Piriformis syndrome

My physio has diagnosed piriformis syndrome that is pressing on the sciatic nerve. It is so painful and when I try running I can't get beyond a couple of km before the pain starts being unbearable.  I've got exercises/stretches to do, but my question to people who have had the same is - how long did it take for it to get better once you started treating it? 


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    Im the same , im 2 weeks doing recovery strenght and stretching and its no better . My glutes hamstrings are so sore , I recently completed a marathon(3 weeks ago) and the last 5 weeks before I suffered with Piriformis and Glutes and hamstings
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    There’s a guy on Facebook called Paul Howell (sling method). He seems to know his stuff. Might be worth looking at a couple of his posts
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    I had piriformis syndrome and the pain lasted for about two weeks. It was quite uncomfortable and made it difficult for me to sit or stand for long periods of time. During my research, I came across an article on Melbourne Sports Physiotherapy's blog, which provided me with some useful advice and tips on managing my symptoms. Here's the link for you to have a look:


    Some of the recommendations included stretching exercises and massage therapy, which I found to be very helpful in easing my pain and discomfort.

    Additionally, the article suggested avoiding activities that worsen the pain and incorporating strength training exercises to help prevent future flare-ups.

    Overall, I found the information to be very helpful but it's important to note that everyone's experience with piriformis syndrome may be different. So it's important to consult with a medical professional for personalized treatment recommendations.
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