Let’s get the party restarted.

Anyone got any ideas how to make the forum (here) more relevant and an active part of PSOF

What about 2021, with the potential of Covid safe events, vaccine role out, we’ve also got some parting to catch up on.


  • 'Parting'? Is this some new technical term for taking a bike apart to get it in a box?? Sounds fun if it anything like watching you put you bike together in Lanza in less than 5 minutes!!  
  • Barlos, I think the only way to reengage is to make any threads relevant and interesting. I would imagine that a Copers thread for all those doing that next year would be popular. Somewhere ( like the old days) to put hopes, fears, training tips and actual training down.
    Likewise any other big race thread - eg if a boat is heading to Lanza, Vichy, France ( maybe Embrunman one day!!)
    There are enough newbies for much of the old advice to be rehashed and repeated and the threads would give a common purpose and community.
    I would start one...but I've retired!!
  • Good afternoon chaps, any advice where to find PSOF home? Website seems down? Regards, Keaneo
  • Hi, think the general idea is to come on over to the newly reformatted tritalk website which is, I gather, less exclusive than it once was, might indeed feature a few old pirates and maybe just maybe needs just this kind of input to thrive. Pray tell, how do we resurrect the Copers thread without scaring everyone off?
  • LindyLindy ✭✭✭
    Hi all.- Been away for years.- sad to see the place so quiet...  Are the pirates still active? and where do they hang out these days..?

  • Blimey. Look at the cobwebs round here !
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