Right knee side niggle advice

Hiya everyone, thought of posting here to see if people been throught he same and have some advice: I'm having this niggle on the inside of my right knee for a few months now, only had it 3 or 4 times though... it usually comes when I'm reaching my 7th km in the run, but stops after a few km, and it disappears after the run. The worst case was feeling it for one day after running, but it disappeared. I don't know if it'll be considered 'pain', but I'm just worried it might develop. I had been to the chiro and he said it was ITB syndrome on my right leg, recommending some stretches and whatnot. Anyone been through this and can give their account? Cheers.


    ITB is on the outside of the knee, so that's a wrong diagnosis.

    Check your shoes are suitable for you and that there's plenty of cushioning in them to protect your joints.

    Personally I wouldn't worry about a random pain 3 or 4 times over a period of months, but it could be a warning sign so just be aware of it.
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