A thousand miles in 2021?

Starting this off.

Last year's was a massive help to me in terms of motivation. All welcome.


  • I'm in again. Loved this thread for the last few years. Really helps with motivation. 

    TT: thanks for getting us under starters orders. 
  • I'll be in...hopefully some more muddy miles actually involving some races.
  • Thank you for starting us up again, TT!

    Yes - I *WILL* be on board again this year... it's a NY resolution of mine to give myself the time to enjoy and participate in the 1000-mile thread properly again. 2021 is a special year for me - I've, literally, just this minute levelled-up to a "FV50" :flushed: and I've promised myself to be less beholden to my work at all hours of the day and night - it's just not necessary and no one appreciates it - thus releasing more time for myself.

    Bonne chance mes amis!

  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Little Nell welcome to the FV50 group! Hobie a race? That would be amazing. 

    Well the weather outside is frightful, but the treadmill is sooooooo delightful. First run of the year. One aim this year is to stretch properly after a run, let's see how far though the year that makes it 🤔

    YTD: 8.01
  • Oh congrats, Nell...you're in my age group now (at least for another 18 months)!
    I was supposed to be running the Knacker Cracker today (a somewhat notoriously hilly race around Box Hill, traditionally done in fancy dress) but since that didn't happen, I went and did some hills anyway and knocked out a cheeky half marathon. It was zero degrees but fortunately there was no frost so I didn't have to worry about sliding around.

    YTD: 13
  • Started, but only 1.31 miles. Suffering from last night and off out to do it again.. 

    YTD 1.31

  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2021
    I'm off and running. 5, shall we say, 'steady' miles.

    YTD: 5.0
  • Also first miles logged for me - first ever run as a FV50!

    Similar to Donnie2, 5.38 miles of slow mud-plugging in the forest :smile:

    Ooofff - 8 miles on the treadmill, TT... that's impressive - and thanks for the welcome to FV50, is that your age group too?

    Top work on a cheeky NY half marathon distance, Cal - you're really churning out the miles these days, I love it! :heart:

    Sounds like quite a NYE for you Dubai! :lol:

    YTD: 5.38 miles.
  • Evening one and all,

    To mirror Nell’s earlier post, l must also try and step back from work this year, we have taken on two additional staff, however COVID has made the last 6 months challenging, however l am confident things will ease at some point in the near future.
    This year it is my aim to increase my distance to around 1500 miles with an increase for the next few years as l would like to work on my marathon time. I follow a couple of runners one of which has just managed a sub 3, and has been slowly increasing his distance year on year, he is now in his fifties so l still have a few years.
    l didn’t manage any races last year although l had a few planned, l know l am not the only one who has missed out, but this did have an effect on training, with my longest run only 25 miles.

    Cal, nice strong start.
    Nell, Happy belated birthday, it is only a number.
    Dubai, No parties last night, so felt fresh this morning.

    01.01 - 3.25 ( Day one of RED January. - Run every day )

    3.25 YTD.
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited January 2021
    Hey, David - Happy New Year to you too. Thank you for the birthday wishes (they're not belated - it's actually today so you're bang on time). Sorry to hear you've had such a challenging year :disappointed:

    Good to hear you're doing RED... I'm also doing a form of red: I'm doing "Run the Sum" in January, where I run a distance at least equivalent to the sum of the digits in the date (e.g. 4 miles on the 13th, etc. ...). Let's both aim to check in here as often as possible!

  • Thank you TT

    Enjoyed the 'little pressure' comment David Charman (on the old thread).  Might take it easy this year, not getting any younger you know.

    Happy birthday Nell.

    I am in too.

    Got home just before the Man Utd game - sat through it and found my right knee has seized up  (well just below the patella on the inside of the top of my leg actually).

    Am sure it will be ok by the morning.

    7.25 miles which funnily enough matches my YTD  
  • Nell, that's handy for when you're doing one of those online enter your birthdate things...you only have to change the year. :D
    Harmander, hope the knee improves.
    Good luck with RED, David.

    4 miles recovery for me today.

    YTD: 17
  • Nell, Run the Sum sounds interesting, if you run every day that is an impressive 177 miles for the month, might try this later in the year.
    Harmander, Might take it easy this year? we shall see, hopefully we will get to meet up at some point this year.

    Another 3.25 this morning.

    YTD = 6.5
  • Happy New Year everyone...here we go again.
    Good feeling 7 for me today, doing a local charity challenge set by a fitness trainer in the village.
    7 miles YTD 
  • Thanks, Harmander - hope the knee recovers quickly!

    That's true, Cal - it's just the scrolling down the list to find the date that's depressing! :lol:

    David - I managed Run the Sum (RtS) in September, as the "classic" version that is in kilometres, but that was only a 30-day month... so I need a 31-day month :smile:

    HNY to you too, Hobie!

    For RtS, I only needed a short distance today - so I decided to make it count and I did 8 x 55 sec. hill reps plus a w/u and c/d to make 3.20 miles in total.

    YTD: 8.58 miles.
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Greetings everybody. Best Wishes for 2021!
    Looks like a few resolutions have been made, and miles already being logged!
    Not sure that I need RED, and not sure that I've understood RtS!? So I'll keep it simple for as long as possible.
    Not feeling tempted to repeat 4-4-48, and not likely to be running my age again this year. Just feeling a little apprehensive about what this year has in store. 

    Today's run was headed '10 mile slog' in my Strava entry, and that sums it up really; no responsiveness, no pace. Just managed a 9:30 mile by trying to hang on to another runner, but ended up with 10min/mile average.

    YTD: 10' .
  • Happy new year everyone, and belated happy birthday Nell!

    As you know, 2020 was a year bookended by injury, and I have to try and start again (whilst trying to manage and cure a troublesome knee), so I think I would be silly to be chasing 1000 this year.

    I’m just going to see how things pan out and if I’m in with a shout by the summer then I might formally join the challenge,

    Incidentally, as I never logged a final figure on the 2020 thread, I can confirm last year’s mileage ended on 642.

    Just 2 miles today, to kick things off.
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Wow everyone has been busy! DR that sounds like the type of NY I avoid, I am very antisocial.

    Andrew I remember recovering from major hip surgery, running went really slowly then suddenly I was able to increase the mileage rapidly, hopefully it is the same for you.

    MrMr2 I know those types of runs, but it's miles in the legs, hopefully 2021 will be as good as it can be. 

    Nell I joined the VF50 a couple of years ago, just before the time I decided, like you that work had had enough of my life. RtS sounds interesting.

    Harmander is that the knee you had issues with last year????

    David are you still running each day??

    9.1 miles on the treadmill! I do vary speed or incline at least every minute to break it up, and play very loud music. But given the ice outside it's the only way I'm going to have a run. 

    YTD: 17.11
  • Nell...yeah, we have to spin that thing like Wheel of Fortune, eh?

    MrM2 - my pace is well down, too...I'm doing quite a few 11 minute miles at the moment. I do think the loss of parkruns and races has been a bit detrimental to my speed, as well as the hamstring problem. Eh.

    TT, yay for VF50s! (Glad there's no ice here...)

    I managed a 16 today, which is pretty good going considering I did a hilly 13 two days ago. Legs grumbled a bit but I got it done. My longest run since early Autumn.

    YTD: 33 (wonder how long it'll be before Harmander and MrM2 overhaul me).
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Great to see everyone again!
    Harmander... hope your knee is improving. (See what happens when you sit down?!)
    Cal... You have really made a bold start to the year! Think I'll resist the chase....for the time being. Seem to have twinged a hip (Working off a ladder...nothing to do with running!)

    A little heat-rub before my morning run, to check out the hip/lower back. Might need a couple of days rest. An 8' mix with the last two the quickest. Had extra layers on as it was feeling colder than ever. Don't know the last time I went out with a jacket on!

    YTD: 18' .
  • It's the other knee - but managed 6.40 miles yesterday.

    YTD = 13.65 miles

    Might have to self isolate for a bit as the elderly couple 'Er Indoors is looking after tested positive and she has been told to isolate herself - not sure if I can get away with saying 'a blessing in disguise'  as she is going to be home 24/7
  • Great start everyone, nice work.
    Coast path half for me today...too nice not to...plenty of mud but could have done without having to rescue a sheep from the brambles...some blood happened.

    53.5 miles for the week.

    20.5 miles YTD 
    3139ft of elevation 
  • Thank you, Andrew! Sorry to hear about your injury woes last year... a nice steady start sounds sensible :smile:

    Ahh, TT - that means there's a little cadre of us FV50s on here - nice! I'm still in awe of your treadmill fortitude.

    Cal :lol: ... Wheel of Fortune is exactly right! You're really cranking out the miles early doors - top work!

    Ooo - take care of your hip, MrM2! Dangerous, all those ladder shenanigans!!!

    OH NO! Sorry to hear of the missus's positive test Harmander! :disappointed: Hope recovery is fast and trouble-free! Look after yourself and all the best to the rest of your family too.

    Yikes, Hobie! :astonished: Top running and fab. sheep rescuing while sustaining war wounds. Hope they all cleaned up OK.

    Today is the 3rd - so just 3.15 miles bimbling around the block three times for me. I have to do boring laps to ensure I don't succumb to the temptation of running further than required - I have to save my legs. I've just made my "great-god-the-training-spreadsheet" (nothing changes - I'm still beholden to my spreadsheets :wink: ) and the back-to-back 8-, 9-, 10-, 11-mile days on 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th are looking tough already!

    YTD: 11.73 miles.

  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    MV55 - moved up in November.

    7.4 on Saturday evening making 12.4.

    Nell: think I'm understanding RtS, so the 9th, 18th and 27th where you'll run 9, 19th and 28th where you run 10 and 29th with 11 are the big days? 
  • VERY belated 'Happy Birthday!' to you, Donnie :smiley:

    Yep - you've understood RtS correctly. There's a periodisation to the whole undertaking because the miles (or km) ramp up and then on the 10th of the month they drop right back down to 1 again - and then it ramps back up again. In September I did the "classic" version (which is in km and significantly easier than the imperial version in miles that I'm currently attempting) and I found the shorter days harder than the longer days - I don't like to get fully kitted out and run for less than 3 miles and it feels like a lot of effort for a tiny little run!
  • Thank you all for the good wishes.

    I snuck out for a 6.40 before she came home - in case I can't for a while.

    Good luck to all of you.

    I shall of course check out the logging of miles  by you all - absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say.

    YTD =  20.05 miles
  • Harmander, Hope you all stay safe and well.
    Hobie, Great bit of sheep rescuing, photos of the coastal path look lovely.
    Nell, I quite agree the 8,9,10 and 11 days look tough, but hopefully once you are out you will be fine 🤣
    TT, Quite envious of a treadmill at the moment, but just haven’t got the space without evicting a child, now there’s an idea! So far so good with getting out each day, l am aiming for a minimum of a 5.2k a day, plus a bit extra when l have the time like this morning.

    03.01.21 - 3.25 + 5

    YTD = 14.25

  • Hey guys
    Really miss running regulary and need some motivation😁 a 1000 Miles and checking in once in a while just, might do it. Not planning on any Big races so, it’s gonna be a challenge. Happy running.

    YTD= 3,7
  • Razdaz, Welcome to our thread, good luck for the year.

    Just another cold & wet 3.25 this morning.

    YTD = 17.5
  • Hobie, good on you for rescuing the sheep at great cost to your poor shin!
    Welcome Razdaz!
    Harmander, all the best eh? I'm sure you'll find a way to cope.
    Nice work, all.
    Taking a rest today - just a walk, which I've done.
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