Mild Ankle pain in right foot - a little in the Achilles too

Hi All,

Symptoms Summary

Mild pain on outside of right ankle

Feels a bit stiff at times and generally weaker than my left 

If I point my toes down (away from my legs) I can feel a bit of pain in my achilles 

My right calve (soleus muscle) is also quite tight and sore today 

The image below shows where the pain/stiffness is

Key Points

I've not fallen or anything like that 

My trainers are fitted properly and I've used them for 250 miles (nearly due a replacement) so I don't believe they are the issue 

I've not really run that much recently. When I have I've done slow intervals of 10x500m just to keep moving. This is not because of the issue I have, but more because I can't run that far anyway, so doing intervals means I can be out longer and not get too obsessed with distance

My calves are always quite tight so I'm thinking that maybe that is the issue?  I have rolled it out today on a Lacrosse ball and also will start stretching it through the day to try to ease it off

I'm guessing this is probably quite a common issue, has anyone had this or have any thoughts on how to stop it? 



  • RhysGRhysG ✭✭
    I've just joined the forum, I can't tell you why it's happening but worth checking out trying a Bearhug.

    They have been holding me together for the last 5 years.
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