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Sorry if this has been discussed a lot but I couldn't see a recent thread - I had COVID in October (confirmed, positive test). I was poorly with flu like symptoms, severe tiredness and loss of taste. I was in bed for a solid week but nothing serious and recovered within a couple of weeks. I have been running for 20 years and run approx. 45-50k per week. I do longer runs at the weekend, on a hilly course, ranging between 16k and half marathon. I've been doing that distance/course for a looong time. I went back to running after COVID and found it tough and 2.5 months later, it is not getting any easier. I am really struggling with my pace (it is way off my usual average & probs the slowest I've ever run) and I am struggling to do 10 miles without feeling absolutely exhausted for most of it. I am constantly low on energy when running and my pace is getting even slower rather than improving. Initially I was OK thinking it will come back but after yet a really difficult run today, I am starting to get a bit more worried as I have never experienced anything like this before. I am not sure if this is def COVID related and if it will pass over time or perhaps something else .. anyone else experienced this before or have any advice on how to tackle ongoing fatigue (with every single run over several weeks) when it comes to running.

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    You have to ease off a bit and give yourself time. I tested positive early December, only had mild symptoms (less than a cold), and im still not back to full fitness. Ive only just started upping the intensity now. Keep it easy and give yourself time.
  • I've just started running after recovering from covid and I can just about manage about 2 miles and then feel exhausted and I usually run about 6-8 miles a day and 2 longer runs thrown in I can't even get any where near the pace I was at before hand it's very frustrating but I suppose time and patience will help I feel like it day 1 week 1 of running again where I was awful at it 
  • That’s how I feel!  It feels like I’ve gone back to my early running days ... I try to be patient but it is frustrating some days. I guess time will tell .... 
    I did speed interval training in the treadmill today and some of my “sprints” were at the pace I ran an entire marathon less than 2 years ago. Very strange feeling but I try not to be too hard on myself and take it easier. <div>
    </div><div>Good luck!</div>
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    You both need to ease off, feeling exhausted after 2m, and struggling to sprint is way too much intensity. Ease back and give yourself time, maybe include some walking or easy cycling.

    I dont think it'll help your recovery if you push yourselves when your body need to be recovering.
  • I'm also struggling. I had a terrible cough and struggled to breathe at times when I was unwell. I had it mid December and have been trying to gently increase my distance over last few weeks. I have no pace at all and tried to go a little further at a time but now I've had to back off as just feel so weak after about 2 miles. It's awful. My lungs still feel inflamed inside and I'm so disappointed as was at the peak of my fitness and running before it happened. It's early days but does not feel good at all. I've asked GP to call me because I don't know what's happening to me 
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