Is this normal?

So I started running again on new years eve and I have been following a training plan for a 5k run. My legs ache after a run which will be my legs getting used to the excersize but is slight aches (not exactly painful) in the shins and knee cap area worth worrying about? Or is it normal to have this and should I only worry if it becomes painful instead of achy? 


  • So just to add to this, My legs are not sore to touch or anything but just a bit tender. I'm going to go out for a short run soon and see if it causes me any pain. If it goes away while running then I presume I will be ok to carry on with my 5k training.
  • I have been for a couple of runs since the original post and my legs seem to be ok during a run, not 100% but the pain in my knees goes away, However after the run my knees feel sore again so I think I need to take a few days off and see if it goes away, The pain is mainly on the inside on both knee caps so hopefully it's just that my legs aren't strong enough yet and I need to build up the muscle to help my knees cope with the strain a bit better.
    Maybe you've just been doing too much too soon and probably too fast as well.   Your body is probably just complaining a bit  :)   Be a bit kinder to yourself, take rest days and don't run too hard.   You're body will adapt but it takes a while.

    Are you using well cushioned running shoes?
  • I have a couple pair of running shoes but not sure how cushioned they are in comparison to other but at the minute I'm taki g a few days off to recover and I have found a YouTube video that showed me some excersise s to strengthen my knees so hopefully all that will help. I am going to get a gait analysis done as soon as I can to figure out if it is my shoes that are the problem. Your probably right though, it's probably me doing to much to soon. 
    I know running is addictive, it's those endorphins.   But you do need to be a little bit patient especially when starting.

    Alternate your running shoes, that may help a bit.   I wouldn't do exercises to strengthen the knees, you are likely to end up with more soreness.    Just do a gentle brief stretching routine every day for calf muscles, hamstrings and quads so you get to feel if there's any tiredness or post run soreness.  It takes a while for the muscles, tendons and ligaments to strengthen when you start running.
  • Thank you, I will just do some. Stretches then, hopefully I caught it early enough for me to recover quicker. 
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