Apple Watch of Garmin?

Hi folks, I’m in a watch related quandary! I mostly do trail running and mountain biking as my activities, and frequently have to use my OS maps app on my phone to find out where I’m going. Now I’ve found it’s a right pain getting my phone out all the time to find where a footpath is going etc. So, I think a watch might help! I’ve narrowed it down to either the Apple Watch of Garmin forerunner 945 as both these seem to have the map features that I need. However, I really don’t know which one to get!!! I do like my running data, but I don’t really do training or swimming or anything so not sure if the Garmin is a bit overkill? What do you guys think? 


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    A massively personal decision! I have a Garmin, I don't like Apple, but I know people who adore their Apple and dislike Garmin.

    The maps on Garmin are very good, we walked across the country with ours (with OS maps in our backpacks just I case). 

    The Garmins do have an amazing number of functions you might never use!
  • Personally just got a Garmin Fenix6 Pro. Would 100% recommend. The forerunners are good and I had one of these before. I was going to switch to an Apple Watch and so glad I didn't now. Unless you want the odd random Apps that come with the Apple Watch I would definitely go for the Garmin. I would however recommend saving a little bit then upgrading to something like the Fenix - well worth the investment.

    They do everything an Apple Watch can do and more in regards to training and if you like data for me it would be a no brainer.

    This is coming from a massive apple fan I have every latest apple product but the watch. Still wouldn't even be tempted.
  • I would avoid an apple watch for running.

    I've been running with a friend, starting and finishing at the same time & my splits on my Apple Watch can be up to 30 seconds worse. Not ideal when you're trying to gte a quick 5k time!
  • geekpiegeekpie ✭✭
    Another vote for the Garmin Fenix. Got the Fenix 5x Plus. Like you I was running around with OS maps (love em) on my phone - on a lifeproof armband. But battery dies, pain taking it off etc. Maps on the Fenix are awesome and there's third party maps even better from

    General consensus from people I speak to is garmin has best GPS tracking. I considered Forerunner 945 also but Fenix range just seems to do so much more (eg music if you want it) for the price.
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