I built a new fundraising platform for runners using Spotify called Sponsor a song

Hi all,
Long time runner and forum lurker.
I recent built a new website which I hope will interest this community and would love some feedback

Those who are completing an event create a Spotify playlist and commit to listen to it whilst they complete the event. Each person who donates gets to select one song to add to the fundraiser's playlist. Will you be kind and add a motivational track that you know will help your friend hit a Personal Best or will you scheme with others to ensure they have to listen to baby shark on repeat for the entirety of a marathon? The choice is yours.

All money raised this month on sponsor a song will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. If you do make a campaign please message me a link to it as I would love to donate!

The next major pieces currently on the roadmap are:
- Internationalisation for both campaign creators and donators (both in terms of money and distance).
- Voting for Charity of the month from the community or allowing users to select their own charity.

I'd welcome any feedback or ideas you have!


    I'm probably the wrong person to comment on here as I don't run with music.     If I'm in a race I want to take part in the social aspect of the race and enjoy the occasion .

    But there is two major flaws in your plan.   One, if you speak to those that are running for charity many of their most affluent sponsors are their older relatives who probably don't care what the runner listens to.

    The biggest flaw is that in road races that are not held on closed roads, headphones are not allowed and the runner would be disqualified.  So that would limit the events that it could be used for.

    I do sponsor runners, usually those I've coached, when they're doing their first marathon but I would tell them not to run with music during a race anyway.   So if a runner asked me to sponsor them and select a track I would decline to sponsor them at all.
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