Low stack, road, hill & indoor house trainer suggestions please for plantar fasciitis

Hello  :) I find my Nike Pegasus Trail has such a high stack it wobbles my ankles on rough ground, so is useless for me on uneven ground even just walking, but having a dodgy achilles (long term) & just developed extreme plantar fasciitis which hit me on Friday & currently has me on crutches & in a splint, I am now urgently seeking new trainers (with good toe box room & a wide fit) for both walking dog on muddy hillsides trails - with the occasional short jog, I am a forefoot striking slow jogger at best. Also need suggestions for wearing round house whilst I heal.  Looked at Hoka but the heel stack height looks like a foam platform shoes & reminds me of the Bay City Roller in the 70's !  All suggestions welcomed please, I live in the middle of nowhere, rural Wales so am limited to online with all non-food shops still closed & am unable to drive for now anyway Thank you
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