Seriously in need of advice

Hey, what's up people,
So, I'm a 25 y/o male and I just started running for the first time in 6 years, I was training to get into the para's from a young age so my fitness was expectedly rather good, my 1.5 mile time was 8:42, however I could not qualify for any branch of the military due to mental issues at the time, obviously being told that crushed me and sent me spiraling, I started smoking, drinking all the rest, I quit all that a year ago now due to lockdown and started trying to regain that fitness, I started slow and eased into it and have been running every day, the problem lies with the fact I've been diligent with my nutrition and training yet I still cannot even lightly jog for more than 2 minutes without gasping for air, I walk until I can jog a little more and continue to push myself yet a few metres down the road and I'm dying again, my 1.5 mile time is now 19:23 at it's quickest and I know I can honestly walk that quicker, I just don't understand exactly what is happening, I can cycle 100 miles at 15 mph comfortably, swimming is easy and weightlifting is a passion of mine they all require a good level of cardio so I'm stuck as to why I seriously just cannot run anymore.
Seriously any advice? Help? Please?


  • Have you consulted the advice of professionals in physics or doctors?
  • As mentioned above, some advice from a health professional would probably be a good place to start. Perhaps also try to not really think about anything to do with data, stats, comparisons to previous performance etc (I always have to remind myself of that last point!) Just head out for a bit, take your time, relax into it, and try to keep a bit of regularity every other day.
  • I've had tests done at Coventry University including the running assessment, body composition and a thing they call Fatmax, in all tests I was found to be in good health and slightly above average for my age range in terms of fitness, the running test was done on a treadmill using the Cooper test where I ran for 10 minutes at a speed of 12mph continously, this was a struggle however it's nothing compared to how I feel when running on road or even on a track, I'm dumbfounded as on a treadmill I can ease off, speed up and go for hours but when on any other surface it's different, it's nothing to do with my shins or joints as they always feel fine, it's just whenever I'm on anything other than a treadmill, my lungs cease to function and feel as if they're going to explode after 2 minutes, I'm very confused and I've been met with confusion by professionals aswell, I'm just trying to understand what's happening here 
  • Could it be related too the coldness / outdoor temp, affecting the breathing?
  • HI,
    Like others have said may be worth taking a step back from all the stats and times and just easing yourself into  it, try jogging first, I worked my way up from walking, fast walking then onto jogging over a period of about 3 months.
    Ive lost 5 stone, this is what I wanted to do and get a little fitter, and all this from the first fast walking stage and portion control, jogging now is maintainance for me at around 5, 6 miles a day in around an hour, but Ive been at it nearly a year since I started jogging and dont really worry about times and pace, I have a GPS watch and a HR monitor on just to see if things are ok and track my miileage, and try different intensities day after day anything from zone 2 on an easy day to zone 4,5 when increasing intensity just to mix things up a bit and doing intervals, not get bogged down in the dreaded zone 3 plateau, but only as a different workout for me.
    I'm 55 and since coming from a couch potato have improved a lot, I'm down around 12 stone 6,7,8 now from 17 1/2 stone at my heaviest, but as said I lost most of my weight just walking fast walking these distances at the start and just jog now with added tempo and intervals.
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