Thrombosed Vein, top of foot

Hi all,
After a half, two weeks ago, I noticed a pain in the top of my foot after my shower. Was odd as I had not noticed any issues during the run. Got more sore and I couldn't run. The top on my foot was swollen and sore and I was worried I had a stress fracture. So two weeks later I've been to see a specialist, still thinking stress fracture, but he has diagnosed it as a thrombosed vein on the top of my foot. Effectively like a little surface clot. So good news, no fracture. Bad news hurts like crazy when touched and of course, shoes touch.... He said I was ok running, so theoretically I can, which is good for a Marathon I have in May, but not sure I can due to the pain. I was wondering if anyone had suffered this and had any advice as to if it's best to try compression socks / add padding, or just bigger running shoes? He thinks it may go away in a month, and if not he can cut it out, but want to try to keep fit for the marathon....
Any advice welcome.... thanks!
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