Ran a 5K with no walk break for the first time

This probably isn't a big deal to most people but to me it's a milestone. I have to say that it is invigorating and motivating. I started running a few weeks ago when my BJJ gym closed down because of the virus, with the goal of getting better cardio and picking up a hobby to replace the BJJ void for a while. I think I have found a new lifelong passion instead of a temporary fixation. I've been running 3 times a week. Today, I ran for 3.2 miles without stopping for a walk break and I can't describe how happy that made me. I feel like a runner now! Anyone else try running during this pandemic and accidentally fall in love with it?


  • Hey Tarccon.
     Well done .
    I’ve never ran in my life but took up the couch to 5 k challenge as I’m 53 now and thought it best.
     This week I completed one road 5 k and one trail 5 k . <div> Not fantastic times 33 minutes and 34 respectively but so so happy .
     Trading for 10 k from next week 😊
     hss as e you tried trail running ye? . so much more interesting .
  • Actually, I'd say that *is* a big deal to most people. Maybe not to experienced runners on this forum but most people can't run 5k with walking, let alone without. So congrats!! I'm impressed!  :) 
  • Hi Taroccon,
    Its a massive deal - very well done just keep at it nice and steady to avoid injury by not pushing to hard just yet, alot on here seem to go at it hell for leather when starting out, getting injured, but nice and very easy to start to get joints and muscles and bones accustomed to the pounding they get whilst out pounding the pavements.
    Just set little goals after a few weeks and try to maintain the regular workout week after week, its doing it REGULARLY that counts, after a while you get used to a certain distance, but try to increase with very small amounts as to ease the body into it.
    I'm 55 been jogging for nearly a year now, have a GPS watch to track mileage and a Heart Rate Chest strap to keep an eye on things, but dont worry too much about pace and distance, just go with the flow on how I feel day after day and mix up the intensity with mainly easy Zone 2 days with the odd day of intervals thrown in.
    Reading this, I bet you think I'm going hell for leather at it, I'm not, just easy jogging 80% of the time with a little and I do mean, a little higher intensity thrown in.
    But I'm 5 stone lighter than when I started the walking, upto fast walking and easing myself into jogging, at my age I'm not going to break any records but its just nice to know that I must be doing things correct.
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