Instant discomfort when running, any ideas?

I finally went on my first run in a month today after resting for a month due to a recurring knee pain I had, thankfully that didn't bother me at all today, however, I noticed that I had a very uncomfortable pain at the bottom of my feet, pretty much as soon as I started my run.

It is similar to a cramping pain but I know it's not that, it's accompanied by a burning/throbbing sensation and it's very sore to walk on let alone run. After about 15 minutes of resting the pain goes away and isn't noticeable at all after that, it only seems to occur when I am running.

I have no idea what this could be, I'm wondering if anyone else has suffered similar pain and how you went about resolving the issue.

Oh by the way, my running shoes are fairly new and they don't have any signs of wear.

Thanks all
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