Anyone else feel alone & anxious training for London Marathon 2021 ?

I've only ever ran one marathon which was in 2014.   I was obsessed and excited.  It's all I dreamt of, thought of, read about and actually over trained!  Finish time 4hrs36.  Fast forward to 2021 where I still love to run and now I've got a place on 3rd Oct!  This time feels different and I suppose I'm looking for encouragement.  I am 50 years old on 2nd October so 3rd October will have to be my special day.  In 2014 I did my long runs with someone else and told everyone I was training for the Marathon (I was buzzing).  This time, I'm keeping my mouth shut and now due to lockdown, I'm feeling very isolated and rather petrified about the challenge ahead. (Where can I pee, what if I just can't do it, what if I get really bad anxiety?) Does anyone else feel like this?  At the beginning of lockdown I managed to get up to 2 hour runs and now I'm managing about 7 miles, trying to build.  My confidence and strength isn't what it used to be - BUT I have a choice, wake up on 3rd October hungover watch everyone else partake in the London Marathon or suck it up buttercup and go do it again!  HELP!      


    Join a local running club, they are back training again now.   Most clubs will have several runners preparing for London or other autumn marathons so you will have others to train with and also discuss every aspect of the marathon.
  • Roger 333Roger 333 ✭✭✭
    Roger 333Roger 333 ✭✭✭
    My ballot place ( there's an absolute FIRST!) for 2020 has been deferred to 2021.
    I understand the race is happening October 4th.
    But I'm not by any stretch of the imagination an Elite athlete - am I correct in thinking that for everyone else, London 2021 is a 'Virtual' race ?
    Been such a bonkers year I have rather lost track, apologies.
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