Binge Running : Not even sure if that word exists, but what else is it.

I was crazy about running so much that winter 2019, i participated in all marathons- short or long in my area. My mornings started with a run and evenings ended with run. Of course it did include a few rest days but i enjoyed my runs. Running acted as a source of stress reliever, boosting up energy, bringing in positivity and refreshes.

But then it stopped as the winters ended. My passion for running got lost. I got lazy day by day. Motivation , discipline all in drain. Then we got struck by pandemic and almost a year and half is gone with us still struggling to get back to normalcy.

Now, i really want to get back to my early binge running method, I want my passion to run back. I started running but still missing something. I am getting tired early or its just the beginner phase, i don't know

Any advices or tricks to make runs fun again? I miss my binge running!


  • LogicScienceLogicScience ✭✭✭
    what race have you signed up for in 2021? I signed up for the Beachy Head Marathon when I got an email about entries being open last November but I'm just getting back into exercising and running now after a loooong miserable locked down winter. My pace is slow and my distance is short right now but got 5 months to go and 5 kilos to lose, just going to take it easy and let myself build up gradually. I'm a data geek so I've built my spreadsheets and charts to track my progress, making it fun for me. I'm changing my routes too, since I feel like I'm relatively unfit and it's been a while since I did much running I've got nothing to prove to myself so I'm accepting that I'm slow and can't go far thereore chosen to make it even tougher by deliberately going on hilly routes so in the long run it's doing me more good than just going out plodding for miles and miles.
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