Beachy Head Marathon 2021

Delighted to discover my login to the forum still works :) I signed up to Beachy Head a couple of years ago and never made it to the start line... Trying again this year and started training....Determined!
Anyone else?


  • Yes me! Wondering what wear top wise, shoe wise right now! Any advice anyone?
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Looks like it may be mild weather, 14ish, but can be windy down there so I'd advise a Longsleeve T + vest (you can always roll yr sleeves up if it gets too warm). Shoes - ordinary trainers should be fine, mainly on gravelly/chalk paths and what bits of grassland you do get are well-drained!!!, because they're over the 7 Sisters hills.

    Unless you're superfit, i.e. a sub 3 marathoner, I would advise start walking the ups early, there's an awful lot of them - Good Luck and Enjoy
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