is this normal?

I have just run 12k for the first time (Yah!). A few days later I ran 5k, but ran it a bit fast (for me) and I pushed it a bit at the end so I was sweating and had monetary near dizziness. After I stopped I felt tired but ok.

Then I looked at my HR chart and wondered what was hell was happening at the end. First I though it was Hr strap dropout, but they normally happen as spikes and these are bursts of high hr lasting up 12-15 seconds. Is this what my heart was doing or should I think that the monitor has messed up?

Anybody got any ideas?

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  • anesbittanesbitt ✭✭
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    The problem got worse with a completely mad HR trace on the next run. It’s a bit intermittent but TL;DR is, although Polar Beat claimed the H10 strap’s battery was half full, replacing the battery seems to have fixed the problem.


  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Looks ok, bit of a spike, but 174bpm not very high at all, shouldn't worry about it, HR monitors are a hypochondriacs best friend!
  • Thanks for posting. Yeah, I’m not really paranoid about my heart, more about the monitor. The point being that they are not spikes which I have seen but level shifts.

    I find it hard to believe that a heart can jump around like that, but that makes me think the monitor has gone a bit wonky. Anyway, we’ll see.
  • Hi, hope it's ok to jump in here as it seems related. Conversely, I am a bit of a hypochondriac. The watch is no good for me! But I can't find a concrete answer to my query online.

    I've been for a few runs since I got the damned watch. Steady 10-15k runs, sprinting the last 400 metres which I'd say leaves me in zone 5 (can barely talk) but throughout the run I'm pretty comfortable. High zone 3 / low zone 4 if I had to judge based on my body. However, my Garmin Forerunner 45 says my average HR is 177bpm which puts me in zone 5 for 92% of my run. I'm 25, relatively fit but nothing special. Someone mentioned it might be cadence lock, but my cadence is 165~ and I've tightened it up loads on my wrist to avoid it.

    Is this dangerous that I'm running at such a high HR for nearly an hour everytime?
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Wristwatches are not heart monitors, only really work if you're not moving! Chest straps are far better if you want to go down that route, but you need to understand the science of Max HR, how you find it accurately, and how to use that data to regulate your runs.

    And I really doubt if you're running at near max HR for an Hour running_t, you just don't really know what yr MaxHR is., and I suspect its way over 177 at your age - I'm 72 and I can see 175 quite easily(on my Garmin watch, so I ignore it)
  • @senidM Thanks for the reply! I'll grab a chest strap and see how it compares.. Then set to work finding my real max HR!
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