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Hello all,

In 2005 I was lucky enough to be gait analysed on a treadmill. The sports coach and the shop owner were both baffled by my gait (no idea why) and stated that they didn't know what type of shoe is for me but probably a stability shoe.
This year, as part of an assessment by a physio for help to overcome a calcaneous stress fracture injury, I was asked to stand still and photos were taken of my ankles. They showed 'slight overpronation', recommended to stick with stability shoes.

What is confusing me slightly: when I do the wet tile test it shows a normal arch, the tread wear on my (stability) shoes shows wear only on the very outside edge of the sole (heel to toes).
Is the wear being limited to the outside proving that the stability shoes are doing the right thing? I should stop concerning myself?

On a further note, having been assessed for ski boot fitting, my shins (lower legs) are both quite heavily bowed. To the point that the boot fitter couldn't find a boot that could be modified enough to correct my "cant". I assume this would have a natural effect of putting the outside edges of my shoes down first.

Apologies if this has been asked before, I did search but I may not have picked up the right thread....????



    I'm no podiatrist but 'slight overpronation' is common and normal, hence your normal arch wet test.   Re the wear on your shoes that too is normal, it's quite well explained here..

    Pronation and Shoe Wear (

    If you can get to a running shop it might be an idea to try on a few of the mild stability shoes and buy what feels good for you.

    Sorry can't help re the ski boots and the cant on your legs question. 
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    Hello Shades,

    I wasn't too concerned with the ski boots, it was just information that may or may not have been useful.

    The article states that the heel lands on the outside and then the foot rolls inwards? Surely that should be interpreted as wear on the outside of the heel but then the inside of the foot for the balls of feet and toes?

    My wear is contrary to that, 100% on the outside.

    My trails shoes are far less "stability" than my road shoes. Not sure I notice any difference in feel. I'll check the wear pattern once they are a bit older. Thanks.
    That's what the article says, most land on the outside of the foot and wear shows there.   But wear on a sole can vary, some runners scuff their feet, others don't.   I have some running shoes with  500 miles on them and the soles don't show any wear at all.   I wouldn't take any notice of sole wear.   As the article says, it's what happens to the foot after landing that matters.

    Buy shoes that feel good to you when you try them on.
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