Is this compartment syndrome and has anyone had surgery in the UK?

I've had this problem on and off for about 16 years as far as I remember.

I have ran 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and a marathon (years ago), but the pain often comes back even when I rest. I haven't been able to run more than a mile for years now. It starts hurting after about 8 minutes.

The pain is in both shins, along the front and starts by my knee and goes all the way down the shin to my ankle. The best way that I can describe is is like someone is giving me a Chinese burn and twisting the entire lower half of my leg. I literally can't run through it, the pain get's so bad and then I can lift my toes up so I just flop my foot on the floor and land flat footed. It hurts to raise my toes/flex my foot.

Weirdly this pain is often worse after walking. If I walk too quickly I get the pain. It normally takes about 30 mins for the pain to go, but it goes enough after a few mins to try to run again but the pain comes back after a few minutes.

I do half quite large calves, they have always been big. I can simulate the pain quickly by doing toe taps or walking on my heels with my toes raised. That hurts almost immeditely.

The annoying thing is I rest, start a c25k programme and the pain starts almost immediately even during the run walk stages. I have stayed active by cycling, dancing, hiking etc. in the meantime,

Does this sound like shin splints or compartment syndrome? I had a very specific pain last year which was on the side of my shin, not all the way down it, and not anywhere near as intense.

Has anyone ever dealt with this in the UK and had surgery in the UK? I don't know if it is easy to get on the NHS if necessary.

I have booked a doctor's appointment, but it is not for 3 weeks and just a telephone consultation :(



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    Much better to book with the physio, it's unlikely your doctor will be able to give a diagnosis, most don't do sports injuries and quite likely would only refer you to the physio for the diagnosis.   Most GP practices allow you to book direct with the physio.
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