Good Luck all doing FLM!!!

Just a note to wish all those doing the FLM this weekend the best of luck :)


  • Thank you!!
  • thanks for the kind words & thoughts Pheonix
  • All the very best for Sunday to everyone running, from one who has had to defer - hope to see some of you in 2005!
  • just want to add my own best wishes to all for sunday
  • Me too. Good luck to the lot of you, especially the first-timers. Be sure to enjoy the start and the finish - the rest is quite hard work!

    See you there next year (took this year off to go back to University).

    the bat
  • .....I'll be watching from my under my duvet, snuggly tucked up in bed with a pot of coffee and a rack of with envy and wishing by the moment that I were in that crowd too!

    enjoy yourselves.
  • I also would like to wish everyone running this sunday good luck. I'll be watching on TV, full of envy and hopefully get motivated to start training for another marathon later this year. Hope you all enjoy the day.

  • Yep good luck everyone doing it, i'll be at mile 18 cheering you on with a bunch of other formites.
  • Thanks and good luck to everyone whether supporting, running or there-in-spirit.
  • Pheonix, where you bin hiding ?????????????
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