Morton's Neuroma: Any Ideas?

I have just been told by the chiropractor that my soreness in my foot is Morton's neuroma. It feels like I have a marble on the ball of my foot. I can still run about 10 miles but it gets uncomfortable. I have cut a hole in the insoles of my trainers to stop the stress on the foot. I have been using ice which helps. Sometimes the toe next to my big toe feels a bit numb but I assume that is pressure on that part of the foot. I have four marathons booked between now and the end of July and hope to complete them. However, am I being too optimistic? I have rung my GP: two weeks to wait for a call back and six months to be referred to podiatry; not the fault of the NHS given Covid. I have booked a private chiropractor appointment to get some individual, bespoke insoles to help. Any advice gratefully received and thank you.


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    Use some cotton wool between your toes to open them slightly, toes 3 and 4 for me. Wider shoes too helps. Eventually the nerve would burn out anyway. I couldn't run for 20mins so 10 mile is pretty good.
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    I think I have had this for 3 months now.  Initially and for the first 2 months  too, all of my toes on my left foot had a burning sensation, felt like they were being squeezed and feels like your walking on a peeble.  I taken on board TR's suggestion but also massage my left foot and do most of miles anyway in a wider running shoe.  The burning and squeezed sensation has now gone it just now is the peeble feeling.

    I am knocking out 60-70 mpw so able to run fine, though it does at the start make it uncomfortable. 

    In regards your 4 marathons, it does depend on how much pain your experiencing but 4 before the end of July is normally optimistic in anyone's book so chapeau. 
  • You can buy toe splayers online. I wore mine  at nighttime. Mine was caused by narrow trail shoes. It’s settled right down now I’ve gone back to my old shoes 
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    Check what your daily/non-running shoes are like as those will be the ones you spend most of your time in - the cause of mine was not my trainers but the narrow shoes I was wearing in the office everyday.

    Other than that, toe splayers or cotton wool between your toes, as above. Again particularly when you're not running (as that's the bulk of your time so should help make running easier).
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