Any advice on running with orthotics

I'm a little prone to injury, which has gotten a lot better since I learned you need to stretch when you get older. I was prescribed custom orthotics for flat feet way back in 2009 but only ran in them once as I was having issues with my calf muscles (a bit like cramp). Anyway I think I just need to get used to them and am planning to start using them again. How would you advise I work myself in to using them. My podiatrist said I should not run without them. I am currently running between 5 and 6km at the moment without orthotics


  • Just been for a 5k run with brand new asic trainers and orthotics with no issues whatsoever. See how I feel tomorrow.
  • I'm looking forward to see your updates in the near future. Tell me your feelings and how everything works
  • Okay so running with orthotics has meant I dont have pain in my achilles tendon. Unfortunately I have mild pain in my arches of my feet when I first start moving in the morning (going down stairs), but I think this is because I did too much too soon. My custom orthotics add about 2 cm support to my arches. Would specialised running shoes provide this support. Im thinking brooks adrenaline gts 21
    Globularity - I would suggest you speak to the podiatrist that made/prescribed your orthotics.   Usually  orthotics are designed to be used in a neutral shoe.   Mild stability shoes such as the Brooks Adrenaline are designed for overpronation not arch support.

    That's good news that the achilles pain has gone.
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