running in speedos ? yes / no .

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RUNNING IN SPEEDOS ? OK OR NOT. I like to run is as least as possible obviously not naked but as close to wearing nothing as is practical . no shirt just small tight old school speedos . nylon elastane sculpted thin micro layer . not the heavy think ones they make today. when wet they cling and sculpt around yr junk. I get looks and often loud applause and smiling groups of girls cheering me on. whistles and whoops. nearly naked is sports exhibitionism but you wont get arrested . it is amazing what you can get away with these days. all good fun. girls love it. I drop into the ocean and it is like a biatholon .


  •  only problem is the lack of support needs to hold you firm otherwise your fli[p flopping free doggin all over the place not a good look
  •  Unfortunately when running on the beach in speedos the temptation to swim and run are there. this can alter the run and make you run more as your body temp stays low. also the blood pumps thru yr body and goes every where and I have been stared at on a number of occassions as to whether or not I am in fact sporting an erection.  this is both exhilarating and energising. I get hundreds of looks so unless yr up for it don't wear thin white speedos .  unless yr a sports exhibitionist then it is ok. it is amazing what u get away with .
  •  I just go running along the beach in these and no one says a thing it is generally accepted that near water you can wear what ever you like . I lay on a otwel and just let them all stare and I don't care.
  •  my speedo at the beach I just lay there and a whole bunch of young girls just set up their towels all around me I just let them have a good look. 
  •  at the [pool doing training it is amazing what you can get away with ] sports exhibitionism is almost socially accepted .
  •  sitting in the local beach cafe it is amazing what you can wear and get away with it, as long as your discreet and hot you can make all the difference to this boring stuck up prudish world. hundreds of young girls have just lost their shit and done double take and eyes popped out of their heads
  •  you do get looked at if your brave enuf to wear these 
  •  it is ok to wear speedos on yr own boat and at the beach but it is frowned upon elsewhere . I run in the park at night in mid summer very hot in just a skimpy speedo but during the day I get strange looks of disdain. I wouldn't wear a thong. I do love my old school single layered elastane speedos not like the thick nylon ones today , these cling to your lunch box and allow for your bulge and not restrictive
  •  everybody seems cool with the look only after did I get some feedback from a female friend who said some of the girls were a bit shocked and confronted but it was ok,  the real question they wanted to ask was did I have a boner.
  •  running up the beach
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     my new skimpy speedo with no lining leaves no room to move .  the flesh coloured ones are see thru
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     these are great at the beach very see thru and you can get a massive boner and as long as it is facing down no one suspects. just makes you look like your very well hung. total stares and sheer look of amazement . young girls just look and take pics so brazzen I love it. 
  •  running along the beach dive in keep running and just let it happen. who cares if you get stares.  
  •  unfortunately these can be a bit too loose and if your walking around free doggin and comando it can flip flop all over the place. you need speedos to hold you down " down boy down" .  
  •  I love running along the beach and dipping into the water to cool down and make my speedo see thru and with no lining and a cock ring on I get a massive erection when I am approaching the young girls running towards me. they look at you in the distance and as you get closer they just wonder exactly what they're looking at, 
  •  relaxing after a beach run , getting stared at by dozens and dozens of young girls all the way . it gets harder and harder to just relax and enjoy a run these days without every one giggling whispering yelling whoops and whistles comments and clapping and staring .   they have the entire beach to set down and about 15 girls set up right next to me and all around and make it hard for me to just relax and rest up. 
  •  wear a long shirt and when I need to I can cover up and be half descent and modest. usually causes mayhem at the beach when i lay on a towel and just pretend nothing wrong after a good hard run. 
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