men wearing panty hose running

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I find they hold in the heat , offer muscle support and in summer keep me cool and offer good relief from wearing thicker lycra spandex .  recommend a long shirt singlet , the top part is thicker and acts like shorts but is see through in direct sunlight. 


  •  one piece running outfit . only problem I find the short legs rides up and I have to keep pulling them down. but any longer and they would look weird .  I do get a lot of looks and whistles . you think the front is bad my back is worse . girls love a good bum. probs should be worn with a G string thong
  •  I don't like the 3/4 length I think it looks gay or like womens tights. no where to hide in these.  good for blood circulation and air flow.  use a long shirt . 
  •  speedos are great to run in but prefer panty hose
  •  men in tights . my red robin hood besh walking tights . I have cum unstuck on occasions when confronted by 70 young walkers from a girls college and had to pass them all . I think I made them all have a moment of hysteria. 
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     the white panty hose are great . I love using no running gear as if it is proper attire and everyone plays along. no shirt and stretched nylon panty hose leaves nothing to the imagination, there is no where to hide in panty hose even sunabking on your own porch . 
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     at the local cafe it seems people will stare if you dare to stretch the possibilities of acceptable running gear , people will just act normal and act as if nothings wrong . the elephant in the room
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     the good thing about panty hose and stockings is you can wear them and get away with it. cheaper and they do the same job. I TEACH IN THESE  and believe me I get hundreds of stares and looks of sheer disbelief  . as long as you wear a long singlet or top you can pretty much wear these and if someone gets a glance it is pretty much a win win for us sports exhibtionists. 
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     white panty hose leave nothing to the imagination and is quite unexpected. It can get hard at the gym with all you girls scantily clad in all your see thru stretched nylons and more than just a visible panty line more like seeing yr entire butts. we love it , if your looking for attention be prepared for the reaction and yes you can look at us as well. picking up in the gym is the easy part . harder to get a conversation going on the track or country run. girls will chat and make an excuse to talk and we can just get away with our semi boners as if nothings wrong. sports exhibtionism is alive and well in both sexes.  it is incredible what you can run in and get away with if your discreet
  •  panty hose running holds you tight keeps you warm and cool in summer and when needed you can just go for it and feel like your running bare. If I had nothing on obviously get arrested and the dangly bits would  flip flop and go all over the place . it is amazing what you get away with as long as you are wearing " something"  the minimum even if it is see thru with a shirt of course. girls have checked me out and run into poles, tripped over and just lost their shit completely . whistles whoops clapping . all just positive reaffirmation it is ok to wear these and you can make people smile and happy. they will talk about it for ever .
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