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I have a small tear in my quad and I am marathon training - really need urgent advice

My marathon is 15 weeks away.    My last long run was a stop start 2 hour plod a week ago.  I have been running about 35/40 miles a week.    Last Monday I did a club run at the track which was fast laps.   Tuesday I did a 10K.  Wednesday I did a gym work in the morning and trained my legs.  Wednesday evening I did a club run, another 10K.  On Friday I went for a run about 4.5 miles as I realised I had a small tear in my quad.   I tried to convince myself it was just a sore muscle but as it worsened during the run, I walked home.  This weekend I did no running at all and switched to my spin bike.  Sunday I did a hard out 1 hour spin class at home.   I have no pain walking or spinning.  Fast forward to today (Monday) and I was feeling hopeful.  I went for a run and had no pain at all, up until mile 3 then bang, it came back.  It's not horrendous but I know it's there.  I immediately jumped on a bus home to make sure I did not make it worse.  If I keep running on it, no doubt I will just get worse.  My question is, how long shall I take off running and then how do I come back into my marathon training? I was quite far ahead in my training schedule anyway, however, do I take Tues-Friday off and switch to the bike / gym work?  Then on the weekend, how far should I run?  I petrified of not being ready for the marathon but I'm also cautious of making my injury so bad that I am undertrained.  Please help.  


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    TTTT ✭✭✭
    I can understanding you feeling like this. Please take this as simple advice, but please see a physio. They are doing f2f appointments now and will be able to diagnose how bad it is and give you exercises to have you back running as quickly as possible. 

    It sounds as if you have a good level of underlying fitness and this will stand you in very good stead. 
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    PipskiPipski ✭✭✭
    Thank you.  I've actually just emailed him so if he suggests an appointment I will pop by and see him.  Thanks for getting back to me.   
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