running tights also good for cycling

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I like to ride and run in the same gear. I don't like the padding with cycling and it also looks like a ken doll and find it very emasculating. I like the bulge and the free feeling.  I get alot of attention in these and cars cumming up from behind toot and get shocked when they realize it's a guy.  anyway the front is even worse so lets get out of our prudish shy ways and just get gear that is what we want to wear and say it loud. girls whistle and clap I love it. also get allot of attention from guys as well good or bad . I think the gay ones are ok it's the alpha males who are uncomfortable with their own sexuality that are a worry . I have a great butt I haI've  been told. I have a great butt.  it would look weird if I had under wear or a thong on so I prefer nothing. 


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     just love the tights not cycling ones no inner padding layer no linning just the tin micro layer and the support that offers, very stretched and excentuates the bulge and makes me look trim . be proud boys wear the skin tight tights and let the girls stare for a change and leave nothing up to the  imagination, drive them mad and go wild ,  commando and slightly see thru 
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     cycle and running tights multi purpose and allows for expanding and contracting . not thick and cumbersome . nothing under and allows for breathing and feels free and holds you firm.  
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     quick cooling down and back running or cycling. very stretched and micro layer nothing under .  feels great and allows for lunch box and hold you firmly .   
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     running in these is great and offers full support and holds you firm and jacket is great for wind and chill.
  •  cycling running gym and just general get around gear. I get alot of looks and eyes poppin out of heads . It get harder when people stare especial young girls giggling . I feel I have to try hard to not get hard and behave but it is only natural . running pumps all the blood everywhere and boosts the testosterone levels then add a hot babe into the mix you haven't got a chance. In lycra tights there is no where to hide.
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